akvodropsTM water meter uses advanced technology in all aspects. LoRaWANTM communication, ultrasonic sensors, P68, exceptional Industry design, and reliable measurements.                                                                    

What we Do

akvodropsTM monitors your water usage and provide a detailed analysis of your usage pattern, give indications on your water usage and practice you to change your usage pattern to reduce water consumption.

End To End

Our akvodropsTM provide end-end solutions from deploying water meters in client facilities to customize software applications as per client needs.                                                                                                       

ProActive support

akvodropsTM comes with a preventive maintenance practice which ensure to count every drop you spend, dedicated support engineers who could resolve reported issues shortly.                                                                   

Our main areas of activity


Load distribution, measurement of water consumption per dwelling. It is now possible to manage the water consumption of your house / apartment very simply, wherever you are. Your trustee can also have access to the entire fleet and thus ensure a better distribution of consumption.

Smart Agriculture

Watering, washing equipment, water distribution network on the farm. measure all the water consumption of the farms to fully control its use.


The occupants of the rooms are generally not very concerned about their water consumption. Thanks to our solution, view in real time the consumption per room and be alerted in real time if consumption is abnormally high to avoid a disaster! Also control consumption in catering or cleaning.

Commercial Real Estate, Shopping Centers, and Businesses

Control your water consumption by toilet block, floor, store, and others. Reduce consumption by 20% to 40% per building and per year and avoid any risk of disaster! Energy savings, financial gain, and productivity gain guaranteed.


Washing equipment, productions, water consumption in the Industry sector is extremely important. Now educate your teams, detect leaks / anomalies and reduce the consumption of your factories by half thanks to akvodrops!

Cities and public buildings

Control your consumption and detect leaks in real time in order to significantly reduce your water bills and avoid a disaster in your public buildings: schools, gymnasiums, nurseries, stadiums, offices, technical buildings.

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